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   Free Humanitarian Service To Bring Home The Mortal Remains (Dead Bodies) From Abroad

The Pravasi Departments came into being in Kerala and later at the Centre to make efficient the welfare activities for about 35.5 lakhs Pravasi Malayalees. Perhaps the compassion of the rulers! they themselves prove that these welfare programmes remain quite alien to the Pravasees.

The unending miseries of a community! Here relationship and friendship are being shattered. Women becoming widows at the young age, sights of the memory of their fathers for the young babies! Helpless families are seeking the help of the kindhearted people. How many instances of tragic experiences! How many lives are sinking into the whirlpool of tears in grief. Those responsible to help these miserable lives have been turning their faces away as if they have not seen them. Those responsible to listen to the tragic lives act as deaf.

This 'Santhwanam' formed by the Pravasi Affairs Department to help these grieved people did not console them at all. But the welfare activities and services of the Pravasi Malayalee Development Society, started under the leadership of Sri. R.Rajan Edayadi, secretary of the society, has been able to help these grieved and miserable people, though it is humble, and it is something for the Pravasi world to rely on. These services of the society are going on along the path of grief and misery providing consolation.

  Dead Bodies brought home under the scheme of 'Free humanitarian service to bring home dead bodies from abroad'

../images/activity03_image01.jpg Padmakaran, Anu Bhavan, Mavakode, Nooranad died in Saudi Arabia on 20-12-2003& cremated on 05-03-2004

../images/activity03_image02.jpg Santhosh, SreeRekha Bhavan,Thulapparambu, Haripad, Alappuzha died in Riyad on 29-02-2004& cremated on 08-03-2004

../images/activity03_image03.jpg Vidhyadharan, Sasi Bhavan, Kattil Market ,Haripad, Alappuzha died in Muscat and cremated the dead body there.

../images/activity03_image04.jpg Sukumaran, Kanjirathummoodu, Ponganad,Kilimannur, Trivandrum died in Riyad on 17-12-2003 & cremated on 19-03-2004

../images/activity03_image05.jpg Vijayan Nair, Vijaya Bhavanam, Palavila, Varkala, Trivandrum died in Alkobar in Saudi on 03-02-2004 & cremated 12-04-2004

../images/activity03_image06.jpg Jaya V. Nair ,Vijaya Bhavanam, Palavila, Varkala, Trivandrum died on 28-04-2004 & cremated on 29-04-2004

../images/activity03_image07.jpg Meenakumari ,Kizhakkumkara, Puthen Veedu ,Pannikonam ,Panakode, Nedumangad ,Trivandrum died in Dubai on 30-01-2004. The dead body brought to Kerala on 04-08-2004 and

../images/activity03_image08.jpg Vijayan, Girija Bhavan ,Kavottumukku ,Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum died in Muscat on 25-10-2004 & cremated on 02-11-2004

../images/activity03_image09.jpg Rajendran, Vendiyodu Veedu ,Mulavana, Kundara, Kollam died in Muscat on 19-12-2004 & cremated on 27-12-2004

../images/activity03_image10.jpg Venukumar, Kraliyil Veedu, Nethajipuram Koliyakode, Trivandrum died in Riyad on 18-11-2004 & cremated on 27-12-2004

../images/activity03_image11.jpg Sunny Joseph, Puthuparambil, Pookottumanna, Nilambur, Malappuram died in Riyad on 21-01-2005 & cremated on 22-02-2005

../images/activity03_image12.jpg Appukuttan, Thakidi vila, Roadarikathu Veedu, Aryanad, Trivandrum died in Riyad on 01-01-2005& cremated on 22-02-2005

../images/activity03_image13.jpg Achuthanandan, Ananda Bhavan, Arakka Parambu, Malappuram died in Jeddah, Riyad on 03-03-2005 & cremated on 16-07-2005

../images/activity03_image14.jpg Rajendran, Thinavila Veedu, Paruthipally P.O, Trivandrum died in Riyad on 05-05-2005 & cremated 27-07-2005

../images/activity03_image15.jpg Babu ,Vilayil Veedu , Neduparambu P.O ; Alamcode, Trivandrum died in Dubai on 10-06-2005 & cremated on 13-07-2005

../images/activity03_image16.jpg      Sasi, Padma Bhavan, Thekkekara, Vathikulam, Mavelikara,                     Sunil Chempazhanthi, P.A to Ex-Minister
         Alappuzha died due to heart attack in Saudi Arabia                         Dr. M.A Kuttappan. He expired on 3-3-05 in
                                                                                                                                       a car accident.

../images/activity03_image17.jpg S. Suresh, Charuvila Puthen Veedu, Thattathumala, Kilimannoor, Trivandrum, who died in a car accident at Kazhakuttom on 23-08-2005.

../images/activity03_image18.jpg Smt. Pushparekha (33), Varuvilakath Puthenveedu, Aruviyode, Karakulam Panchayath, Kallayam P.O, Nedumangad Taluk who died on 11.04.06 at the residence of Mr. Abdulla Ahamed Hassan Muhamed Ali-Al-Obidys street No. 70, Block-7, AL-SHOMIYA, Kuwait. It is learnt that she was suicided. The mortal remain was brought to Thiruvananthapuram International Airport on 3.06.06 at 6.30 am by Kuwait Airways.

../images/activity03_image19.jpg Mr. Idicula George (46) Puthen veedu, Chozhiyacode, Kandanchira, Kulathoopuzha, Kollam, Kerala. Idicula was died on15.05.06 in Saudi Arabia by heartattack.

../images/activity03_image20.jpg Omanakuttan, Kaleekkal Puthen Veedu, Naduvile Muri South, Chunakkara, Mavelikkara, who died at Saudi Arabia on 24.12.05.

../images/activity03_image21.jpg Abdul Rahman (40), Vazhavila veedu, Kunninakom, Kaniyapuram died on 13.03.06 at PB.No. 27630, AL-KASIM, RIYAD, SAUDI ARABIA. The death is suspected to murder. PMDS was brought the deadbody to India on 04.07.06 and burried.

../images/activity03_image22.jpg The mortal remains of Mr. Babu Gopalan (51), Kochuputhuval Veedu, Mele Kadakkavoor, Thiruvananthapuram who died on 3.06.06 at muscat is bringing to the residence by the help of PMDS

../images/activity03_image23.jpg The mortal remains of Mr. Biju (26) S/o. Mr. Padmalayan, Bimi Bhavan, Perethil, Varkala, Thiruvananthapuram who was died in Behrin is bringing to Varkala by the Society's Ambulance.

../images/activity03_image24.jpg The mortal remains of Mr. Ramachandran Pillai (39) S/o. Prabhakaran Pillai, Kizhakkumkara Veedu, Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram is bringing to the residence by the help of PMDS.

../images/activity03_image25.jpg Mr. Abdul Azeez Shanavas (39) Salim, Nivas, Near Nambiarkulam, Kaniyapuram, Thiruvananthapuram was died in Saudi Arabia on 23.08.06. The mortal remains was reached on 6.09.06 in Trivandrum International Air port and was brought to the residence at Kaniyapuram by the PMDS's Ambulance.

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